Take pleasure in our tranquil fireplace room between services or just for a few moments after your relaxing massage.  We can accommodate up to four massages in our spa area.

Swedish + Deep Tissue
Massage benefits the whole body, mind and spirit by relaxing and stimulating muscles helping to keep muscles flexible and pliable, while relieving soreness, tension and stiffness.

30 minutes $45-$50

60 minutes $70-$75

75 minutes $87-$91

90 minutes $110-$115


This massage is perfect to help relieve the sore muscles and fatigue that are experienced during pregnancy.

30 minutes $45-$50

60 minutes $70-$75

75 minutes $87-$91

90 minutes $110-$115


Heated Stone
Soothing, Warm and Relaxing. Warm stones are gently placed on your body while your therapist uses them to facilitate a very relaxing massage. The stones provide a deep and penetrating massage. The heat from the stones naturally boosts your own immune system.

30 minutes $55-$60

60 minutes $80-$85

75 minutes $97-$101

90 minutes $119-$125


Geo Thermo Therapy Massage
Geo Thermo Therapy uses a multitude of massage techniques designed to benefit you unlike any other massage you have experienced.  Warm, smooth lava stones give a deep massage, creating the sensation of warmth. Cool marble stones center and rejuvenate your body. These along with other massage techniques will achieve a balance of body, mind and soul.

90 minutes $122


Couple’s Massage
Relax with a spouse, significant other or friend.  Our couple’s massage offers the relaxation and benefits of massage in adjoining massage rooms.  Follow your massage with decadent cheesecake and beverage of your choice in our tranquil fireplace room.

60 minutes – Swedish $180

60 minutes – Heated Stone $200

90 minutes – Swedish $225

90 minutes – Heated Stone $245


Reflexology is based on the Asian healing method of applying thumb and finger pressure to specific nerve endings on the feet and hands to promote a sense of comfort, relieve stress, improve circulation and bring balance to the body.

30 minutes $47


Chair Massage
A seated massage in a specially designed massage chair, this massage is performed over clothing and works the upper body.

20 minutes $35

30 minutes $45


Customizing Options

Custom-Blended Essential Oil $7

Herbology Foot Treatment $10

Hydration Paraffin Masque $7 for Hands or Feet




What is Massage Cupping?
Massage Cupping is a therapy that loosens muscles, increases circulation and detoxes the body.

What are the mark left from Cupping?
The marks are the body detoxing itself. They will fade in about a week.

Does it hurt?
The cups are suctioned to the skin, and you should only feel a slight pinch. People often say that it is very relaxing.

How long are the cups left on the body?
The cups are left on the body for no more than 5 minutes at a time.

Is Cupping always allowed?
Cupping massage is not suitable for patients who bleed easily or cannot stop bleeding. It is also not fit for persons that suffer from skin sores or severe swelling.
Pregnant women can be treated.