How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long and luscious hair is something every woman dreams about and craves. We especially want it the minute after we chop our hair off but unfortunately, long hair is something that comes very slowly and requires a lot of care to make sure that it’s healthy. Generally, you can’t rush a good thing but you’re in luck because we have a few tips to get you those gorgeous locks sooner than you may think!

  1. Cut it – Let’s start with the bad news: You have to trim your hair on a regular basis if you want to grow it out quickly. Regular trims are going to keep split-ends away which can make your hair break off if left to their own devices. Plus, hair that’s nice and neatly trimmed is shinier and smoother which is always a good thing! So do yourself a favor and don’t skip this step no matter how counterintuitive it may seem!
  2. Nourish It – We don’t mean with products, (although we’ll get to that later) we’re talking about nourishing your hair from the inside out. Your hair is a byproduct of what you’re putting in your body so make sure that you’re getting the proper nutrients that are essential to long and
    healthy hair. Increase your protein intake and pop a daily vitamin for best results and healthy new growth.
  3. Cool It – We love a nice, long, and steamy shower but unfortunately it’s pretty bad for our skin and our hair. While we’re not saying that you have to take cold showers, you should at least turn your temperature down when rinsing your hair. This is going to help seal the cuticle and make your hair stronger.
  4. Brush It – We’re sure that you brush your hair in the morning and probably even a couple of times throughout the day. But, are you brushing your mane before you hop in bed at night? If not, you’re missing a key step in growing your hair out! Brush your hair from your scalp to the tip a few times before you lay down at night. This will spread your hair’s natural oil and increase circulation in your scalp.
  5. Spoil It – The worst thing for your hair is the abuse it gets from too much product and tools that are too hot. It’s worth the extra money to make sure that you’re investing in good products that won’t turn your hair brittle or build up on the strands. Also, if you’re not using a heat protectant you have to start NOW! Putting super-hot tools directly on your hair without any protection leads to frizzy hair that breaks off – not what you want!